Presenting the new single... Happy Without Me

#NewMusicFriday is back featuring the explosive, Nat Slater and Mark Hill!


Mark Hill's dramatic influence on the scene is hard to overstate. A founding member of seminal producers Artful Dodger, who were the first to bring London’s garage sound to the mainstream with soon-to-be superstar Craig David, Hill now returns in 2019 with 18 year old, west London artist Nat Slater with their explosive new heater “Happy Without Me”.

Co-writing the track together, Nat’s connection with Hill has been strong for years and is one that stretches back, incredibly, to before she was born. On Artful Dodger’s 2000 album "It's All About The Stragglers" contained a very special single "Outrageous" which featured the vocals of Lynn Eden. By the time of the photo shoot for the single release, Lynn was pregnant and carrying the unborn Slater, not knowing her daughter would grow up to collaborate with the same producer in 2019. Truly a mad story that not only tells of Hill’s family-like relationship with his feature artists, but also one that has London’s signature all over it.

“Happy Without Me” is an emotive, slick garage track that blends the classic tropes with Slater’s clear vocal prowess. A timeliness jam that reasserts Hill’s re-entrance into the mainstream landscape. 

Slater herself has been in the studio with the likes of White N3rd and SOS (Wretch 32) and with this feature reasserts herself into what is undoubtedly the first of a slew of records. Mark Hill and Nat Slater bring back a garage sound that’s never really left London’s streets.